the essential food
A colorful and refreshing fruit carpaccio with seeds and sprouts.
Appetizer for dummies: let's start from here.
Main courses
A simple and proofless recipe with a posh attitude.
Our family recipe for an essential masterpiece.
A delicious potatoes filling with capers and olives.
A typical Italian poor dish reinvented in a tempting sea version.
An alternative tortilla for gluten free and grain free tacos.
Vegan and gluten free main course.
Side dishes
Tasty and healthy recipe for a side or a snack.
Healthy and rich summer salad perfect as main course too.
Cheap and fresh seafood salad.
The ultimate paleo dessert that will not disappoint you
If you have an apple and a eggm you could have a great snack in few minutes.
These cute little pastries are a must in every Italian afternoon coffee with grandma.
Gluten free vegan biscuits ready in 30 minutes.
A decadent and chocolatey summer dessert.
Natural flours and a simple process for a soft taste of Italy.
A simple gluten free version of this great pastry.
Almond, hazelnuts, coconut flakes and honey is all you need.
The perfect gourmet present for your dearests.
Vegan and gluten free chocolate banana bread.
Breakfast biscuits born to dunk in hot coffee.