Purple cabbage, mango and salmon salad

Purple cabbage, mango and salmon is one of my favourite salad in the hot summer days. It’s crunchy, full of fresh taste and so healthy. Proteins, greens and fruit vitamins all in one.

This recipe can be made in two ways:

The fast version: you bought some quality smoked salmon at the store. It’s perfectly ok and you are 10 minute away from your lunch. In this case skip to ingredients for the salad.

The slow version: you have 24 hours to wait patiently and you bought some fresh salmon from the fish market. Whatever you choose, the results will surprise you and this will become a summer classic.

Ingredients to dry marinate salmon (2 persons)

  • two fresh salmon slices with the skin
  • 50 g salt
  • 25 g cane sugar
  • lime zest
  • herbs you like to go with fish: for me basil, wood garlic, capers

Ingredients for the salad

  • a little purple cabbage
  • a big juicy mango
  • extra virgin oil and salt
  • lime juice
  1. To dry marinate salmon, place all the herbs, salt and sugar in a mixer and grind until you get a uniform scented mixture.
  2. Spread half of the salt in a casserole, place the salmon on it and cover with the rest of the flavoured mixture.
  3. Place a weight on the fish to press it well and let it rest in fridge for 24 hours.
  4. After one day, slice the cabbage in an extremely thin chiffonade and dress it with an extra-virgin oil, lemon and salt emulsion.
  5. Add mango cut in dices to the cabbage.
  6. If you chose to dry marinate salmon, wash it from the herbs with water and dry it. Cut the salmon in slices and place them on top of the salad.
  7. Make a good Instagram photo before eating it because…these colours!