the essential food

We are surrounded by extras we don’t need, drowning in superfluous things. Even our food is plenty of unnecessary ingredients hiding the true nature of a dish.

Is this made to cover a bad raw material? Or it’s just the chef’s ego showing? Who knows! The truth is that we probably have lost our genuine connection to good, simple food.

It’s time to say no to chemical ingredients, over processed food and complex recipes. No to luxurious micro portions. No to that balsamic vinegar glazing around the plate, just to catch the eye. No more fashionable foods too.

Let’s come back to the essence of food: high quality ingredients with very few processing. It has to be all about real tastes.

This journal is a lifelong trip about exploring tasty food by taking off, instead of adding. Slowing down, instead of chasing. Coming back to ingredients, understanding their real nature, making them shine.

This is my healthy food for gourmet people.

Hi, this is Marta cooking!

Native Italian and grown up in the Northern countryside. I lived for eight years in Milan, tasting cuisines from all over the world and specializing in bartending.

I’m currently living in Paris, helping food & beverage brands to communicate their products through an appetizing storytelling.